Kari Naal

Kari Naal is generally considered to be inauspicious in Tamil Nadu. Tamil panchangams mark kari naal. If the panchangam shows it as a kari naal auspicious functions are avoided on that day.

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"Varshadhi Nool" declares certain dates every month in the Tamizh Calendar as "Kari Naal". These days may differ between Vakya Panchangam and Drik Panchangam based on the date of the Sun's entry into a Rasi, starting a new month.
Generally "Kari Naal" is not fit for travel.
Certain days of the solar month are considered as kari naal. It is as follows

Kari naal is only a deshachara (local practice). There is no reference in any of the classical texts.

Death on a kari naal is considered to be inauspicious and special remedies are performed in such cases. It must have started like this and later on must have got modified to the present state by indiscriminate observation.