Our festivals are celebrated in tune with nature. One among them is Navarathri Celebrations.

In fact there are Five Navarathris to be celebrated five times a year. They are Magha Navarathri, Vasantha Navarathri, Gupta Navarathri,Sharad Navarathri, and Pausha Navarathri.

Of the five, Sharad Navarathri in the beginning of winter during month of Puratasi ( beginning of winter in September-October) is known as Maha Navarathri, celebrated all over the Country., the other one Vasantha Navarathri in the beginning of spring(March-April) in the month of Chaitra is celebrated mostly in Northern part of the Country.
The other Navarathris are celebrated at various parts of our Country in different forms.

The beginning of summer and the beginning of winter are two very important junctures of climatic change and solar influence. These two junctions must have been chosen as the sacred opportunities for the worship of the divine power that provides energy for the earth to move around the sun.

With Best Wishes for the Nine nights Festival.

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