Serve food to all the people laying banana leaves

Kanchi Maha Periyavar was camping in Tiruchi National College High School during April 1960. Thousands of devotees came every day seeking his blessings. All of them were given tasty meals.

This anna dAnam that would start at eleven in the morning would last till four in the afternoon. The reception committee members felt it difficult to regulate the rush of the crowd and send the people away after properly feeding them.

They told their problem to the Mahaan and asked him if the people coming to dine might be given food in packets.

Kanchi Mahaan made them sit before him and asked just two questions.

One: where would they drop the banana leaves of the packets after eating their contents?

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Two: Where would they go for a cup of water to quench their thirst?

The people sitting opposite him could not answer these questions.

Noticing their silence, Kanchi Mahaan said, "You people think of reducing the expenses and work involved. Only a man who is hungry would choose to sit in the first session and others in the last session?

"When I travelled to places, I have seen people drop after a meal the banana leaves in bins. I have seen Narikuravas (gypsies) collect any food left over in those leaves and then the cows feed on the leaves that still had some food crumbs. You see that your laying the leaves and serving food on them caters to the hunger of so many others?

"So drop your idea of preparing food packets this moment and serve food to all the people laying banana leaves for the purpose. To witness this many people taking food and spending for it is a great puNyam for you. And happiness for me too."

We would have witnessed feeding people but we come to know its importance only after our Mahaan talks about it!

Source:Sakthi Vikatan issue dated Aug 15, 2004