ChandraMauleesvara would take care of everything.

Once in the year 1959 Kanchi Mahaan camped at Nazarathpet near Chennai. As he needed sandal paste for his puja, he called a man named Ramamurthy and asked him to grind the paste.

The same day he ground sandal paste and gave for puja, Ramamurthy felt some uneasiness in his heart in the evening. He rushed to a doctor and got his health checked.

The doctor said after his tests, "Your heart is weak. You should not carry heavy weights or do strenuous work, especially something like grinding sandal paste."

Ramamurthy came back to the Mahaan. As the sandal paste was needed on the next day too, the Mahaan called him and gave the work. He said, "ChandraMauleesvara would take care of everything. You grind and give me the sandal paste."

Unable to disobey the Mahaan's words, Ramamurthy ground and gave the sandal paste. Again he felt uneasy at heart and told PeriyavaaL what the doctor had said.

"It would be dangerous only if it is a heart attack. If the heart is weak some people might live even up to a hundred years. You do your work, don't be afraid", said the Mahaan. Were those not the words of God?

Thereafter Ramamurthy had the bhAgyam of grinding sandal paste for the Mahaan's puja for a long time. No such uneasiness of heart ever raised its head on those occasions!