Once when a King was hunting in a forest, he lost his way into a desert. For four days he roamed about trying to find his way out. He could not find water to drink. Feeling very thirsty and parched and holding his life in his eyes, He was in a very pitiful condition.

A man was passing that side, holding a glass of water. So the king pleaded with him, “Please give me half a glass of water and I will give you half of my Kingdom.” Hearing this, the man immediately drank half of the glass of water”. The king immediately fell at his feet and begged him, “Please, please… do not drink this water. I will give my entire kingdom to you”.

The man laughed, “You foolish king! All this time you were thinking that such a big kingdom was yours! Now you know the value of your kingdom. Only half a glass of water!”

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Without knowing this truth you are hankering after materialistic status and wealth. If you want to leave it, hold onto a higher level – ‘The Paramathma’ (Supreme One). Desire for the ‘Paramathma’. This desire like, “Survival of the Fittest” will crunch other desires and burn it out.