Maha Periyavaal incidence.....

One day, Swamigal was returning from his bath at Kodikarai and was followed by devotees and dedicated rich landlords. They were giving away money and clothes to the poor people on the route. The beggars were edging one another and fighting to get to the free goods. In that commotion, one of the beggars, in his eagerness, happened to stand in front of the Swamigal and blocked him. Angered by the site, one of the landlords accompanying Swamigal took his stick and hit the beggar who fell down bleeding with excruciating pain.

Most benevolent of all humans, our Swamigal could not bear this sight and he turned to the landlord and said, ‘You are well versed in Shastras. God has bestowed you with enough wealth and intelligence. You should have affinity towards all living beings and be calm in all circumstances.

The first thing a human being has to control is his anger.’ He requested the mutt officials to treat the beggar for his wound, feed him and take him to his destination. Swamigal’s words touched the landlord’s heart and he realized his mistake. From that day , he strived to control his anger and in his later age, assumed sannyasa ashrama and the path to self realization.

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