Lighting black-incense (Dhoop) or incense-stick (Udbatti) in the premises (Vastu)

The increased influence of negative energies after sunset pollutes the environment in the Vastu. Distressing vibrations are generated in the Vastu. Light black-incense everyday to remove these distressing vibrations. For lighting black-incense (Dhoop), light coal or cow-dung cake in a specially made vessel for the purpose and place the black-incense (Dhoop) upon it. Hold the vessel in one hand and a cardboard in another, fan the fire with the cardboard to spread the smoke in the Vastu.

Black-incense is generally used in removing the distress caused due to ancestors. If black-incense is not available, light incense-sticks (Udbattis) in the Vastu regularly. Use incense-sticks of Chameli, Heena, Sandalwood and Kevada fragrances. The Saviour (Tarak) or Destroyer (Marak) frequencies of Deities are attracted to the fragrance of these incense-sticks as per the need and negative energies move away. Along with the Vastu, this action also helps in purifying the clothes.

By lighting the black-incense (Dhoop), the Saviour (Tarak) Shiva Principle is activated. Pure (Sattvik) vibrations are attracted in the Vastu. The Purity (Sattvikta) of the Vastu is enhanced. At the same time, the environment of the Vastu is also purified. When the Purity (Sattvikta) is enhanced, the negative energies get troubled and they leave the Vastu. Purity (Sattvikta) of the Vastu is preserved by lighting black-incense daily. If this is not possible, black-incense must be lit at least once a week.