Why Light Lamp before Deity in the Evening?

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Most people suffer maximum distress from negative energies in the evening. Worshippers of the Aghori Knowledge take control of the negative energies that enter the environment in the evening and get evil acts done through them. That is why, mishaps and killings are more in the evening. This period is considered to be the ‘time of distress or ruin’. Light an oil-lamp in front of a Deity, to get protection from the negative energies present in the environment in the evening. At the same time, light a lamp in front of the basil plant (Tulsi) too in the courtyard. By lighting a lamp in front of the Deities, their Principle is awakened and those residing in the Vastu benefit.

Science underlying lighting of a lamp in front of the basil plant (
Tulsi) in the evening: The evening time is considered to be the time of arrival of the Lakshmi Principle in the Vastu. Tulsi is essentially Sattvik. Principles of various Deities are attracted to the basil plant (Tulsi). By lighting a lamp in front of the basil plant (Tulsi), the Purity (Sattvikta) in it is activated. This Purity (Sattvikta) spreads in the environment present in the Vastu and purifies it. The frequencies of Lakshmi Principle are attracted to the flame of the lamp kept in front of the basil plant (Tulsi) in the purified environment and enter the Vastu. This also purifies the Vastu and a protective sheath of Pure (Sattvik) frequencies of the Deities is created around the Vastu. At the same time, because of the Absolute Fire (Tej-tattva) frequencies emitted by the lamp, the Vastu and those residing in it are protected from the negative energies circulating in the environment.

Bear in mind the increased influence of the negative energies in the environment in the evening and as possible, return home before the lamp is to be lit in front of the Deities and the Tulsi and do not leave the house after the lamp is lit.