Respected Sir,
Good Morning.
I am holding Paranthaman Panchangam in my hand and sitting outside India .
If I want to know the Position of Moon for a particular day, can you pl. let me know where to see in your Panchangam sir ????
Thank you ,
With Best regards,
VSS Rajan

Good question.
But it is simple and does not require panchangam help to find the chandran's position.
It is very difficult to give the position of such a fast moving graha like chandran
which changes its position for every two and quarter day.
It can be practically understood by knowing the star of the day.
In our PP (Paranthaman Panchangam) in page 18 (current year) you could find a Rasi box
(last one) with the details of Stars and their Rasis and Uchcha, Neecha, Pagai, samam etc.
I hope you might know about the name of the Rasis Mesha, Rishaba, Midhuna....
Check and find the star for a required day - and go to page 18 and find the position of that star
which is the location of chandran till that star exists.

For example today 29th October the star is found in page 11 of PP as Anusham till 18.38 i.e 6.38 pm
in page 18 the star Anusham is found in Vruchiga Rasi.
So, position of Chandran is also Vruchigam
Moreover you could see that Kettai is also in Vruchigam hence the chandran will be there in Vruchigam
till the end of Kettai.

And further,
you could see some stars like Karthigai, Mirugasirsham, Punarpusam will find in two rasis and they are
divided by padhams i.e four equal quarters, in such times it requires some astrological knowledge to
find the Adhiyantam parama nazhigai for that particular star and should be divided in to four and find out
which quarter is running now to find the position of the Chandran, but approximately 5.30 hours for each
padham will give 90% accuracy.

Do not hesitate to send your doubts still if any.

Respected Sir,

It is really FANTASTIC to get the clarification across the table instantly.
I THANK you very much for your timely help.
Pl. do not laugh at me reg the requirement of the same.
I may be worn g, you can correct me if you like !
Before doing some imp things, I look for the position of Chandran , from my Rasi .

No doubt I am having only a grey knowledge in this area, due to which I fail so many times and also succeed many times . I avoid definitely , 8th position , and also 12th position, 4th position in the order, depending upon the possibilities w. r to the urgent requirements and also other aspects such as Thithi , Star etc.,

Once again thank you very much for yr guidance.
In some Panchangam ( eg., Tirunelveli) they give the time for the position of chandran
With very kind regards,

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