Respected SIR.
I have 2 questions to be clarified.YOU may think I am ignorant or innocent to ask such simple one. But this is lurking n the minds of many persons on whose behalf also i have ventured to get authentic clarification,

(1) CAN anyone do simultaneously both Morning and MADHYANAM SANDHYAVANDANAM at one time say at 10 AM.

(2) at any time can there be a break of Sandhya vandanam. If so what are parikarams.Is there any kind of MANASIKA SANDHAYAVANDANAM in such exceptional case.

(1) It should not be done purposefully. Some time it is admitted as "doing it little late is better than leaving it totally" basis.

(2) There is no pariharam given for leaving sandhyavandhanam.
It can be done virtually, which is not given in sastras but I developed it by understanding the sastras instructions. Later I will give the procedure how it should be done.

Note:- My personal opinion about doing sandhaya vandhanam :
It should be done as one of our daily routine like brushing the teeth, bathing, dressing up, combing the hair etc.
We will not question, if taken too late to have a bath on a day, shall I wear the dress or leave it? Because we are habituated for that, and we feel shame to be without dress.
Wearing dress is one of the Manusha lakshanam, most of the normal (not a made) men follows this.
Likely, doing sandhya vandhanam is Brahmana Lakshanam. Most of brahmins are not feel shame for not doing sandhya Vandhanam.

Dear All,

Can Nithyakarma (Thrikala Sandhyavandhanam) be performed during Theetu (from family loss of life)?


Nithyakarma Doubt

As per my knowledge heard from elders,thrikala Sandhyavandanam is to be performed on all days even during any type of theetu.Generally Gayatri Japam is done 10 times only during this period. However other orthodox swmains may kindly clarify.

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