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Adiyen requests to enlighten about the effects of not doing Sandhyavandanam
daily. I have heard from a Bhagavatha that if a Srivaishnava does not do
Sandhyavandanam daily, he will be born as a Dog in his next Birth. Is this true?
Is there any pramanams for this in our Shastras.
Even after doing Prapatti does one need to follow all these rituals? Is it not
enough to chant Moola mantram, Dwaya Mantram and Charama Slokam daily for a

Namo Narayanaya


There are so many things to say as the effect of not doing Sandhyavandhanam.
Instead of asking Pramanams and all other description better do it from today,
it is good for physical health and mental power and so on.

Coming to you second part of the question:

A person is arguing with the TTR thus:
"I have reserved to go to Delhi which is very far from here, then why I have to
purchase ticket to travel this very short distances?!"
I hope you realise it.
Prapatti works only with Atma and it is after leaving the body.
Anushtanams are related to body and not to Atma. Because Dharma varies from Atma
to Atma according to its body. Brahmana, Kshatrya, Vaisya ... differentiations
are applicable only to body and not to Atma and hence the Anushtanams are body
oriented. But if One neglected the dharma the sufferer is the Atma.
The Dharma applicable to the body remains till the body is remaining with the
Atma. Prapatti start working at the eve of the body.
So, the Anushtanams and all other Dharma shastra Karmas to be performed by all.

Ashtakshara, Dwaya and Sharma Sloka are to be chanted to remember us that we are
prapannan should leave all the desires (step by step) on the worldly matters,
for which it will be helpful.
This will not work as a strengthener to our prapatti.