Maha Periavaa was giving dharshan to a queue of devotees.

Suddenly Periva asked a devotee when his turn came, to show his wrist watch. His Holiness enquired in detail about the make, model, cost, etc. of the wrist watch. But without giving it back to the devotee he placed it near Himself.

Likewise he did the same to the next few devotees. There gathered a collection of wrist watches.

Next was the turn of a father-son-duo. His Holiness asked them to take whatever wrist watch they liked among the collection and it is theirs.

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The duo immediately fell on the feet of His Holiness and cried for pardon.

The duo had earlier rejected a girl's marriage proposal for not being able to provide the wrist watch demanded by the duo.

What a gentle and powerful way of correcting a wrong!

Source: sumi