Election of the new Pope.

Election of a new Pope begins today (March,12,2013) in Vatican by the "conclave" of 115 Cardinals assembled from all around the globe. The word Conclave is from Latin conclve, "lockable room". The conclave follows adherence to elaborate rituals in strict secrecy to elect the new Supreme Pontiff of more than a billion Catholics in the World. It is a democratic process, each Cardinal who enters the Conclave is eligible for the post of Pope. How ever next Pope must garner two-thirds of the votes, or 77 of 115 in this Conclave. Today's edition of NY Times carries an interesting article about this event:


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This reminds me of the famous movie "The shoes of the fisherman" in which Antony Quinn acts as Russian Pope Kiril Lakotia. This movie covers the elaborate ritual of the election of the Pontiff.