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Thread: Paristharanam

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    Default Paristharanam

    Paristharanam Definition: The dharbhais needs to be placed outside the homa kundam with appropriate procedure, in order to safegaurd the homam that you intend to perform. Generally 16 Dharbahis' are required to be placed on all sides of homa kundam, genrally the tip of the dharbai should not be split and the tip should face north while placing it east. Similarly the tip should face east while placing it in north. Tip of dharbhai should face north while placing it in west and tip should face east while placing the same in south side of the homa kundam.
    Total 64 dharbhai’s
    12 dharbhais are to be kept at the north side of the homakundam and must place ghee vessel on it
    In addition to above 12 dharbhai’s to be kept in the north side and pancha paathram and samithu (called as Idhmam – Sticks from Peepal tree, banyan tree etc…)
    8 dharbhais for praneetha vessel (For keeping water –it’s a wooden vessel)
    For Bhramma aasanam -3 dharbhais
    For prokshanam – Pavithram 2 dharbhais
    For Dharbhai tip – 2 dharbhais
    For Bharyagni Karnam – 1 dharbhai
    For jwala -1 dharbhai
    For Maarjanam – 3 dharbhais
    These aggregate to 108 dharbhais
    For the paristharanam - prathi and homa kundam – other than this nothing should be there inside.

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