Sri Krishna as Vatapathra-Shayee lying on a banyan leaf

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During the universal deluge, the Supreme Lord Narayana takes the form of a little baby floating on a banyan leaf over the dangerous torrents of pralaya jalam, the waters of cosmic dissolution. He protects all the universe and its beings by swallowing them in His tiny stomach and rests them there , while contemplating about their creation once again after the deluge by releasing the Universe and its beings from the safe storage place (viz)., His stomach . Leela Sukha (Bilvamangala Thakur) in one of his Krishna Karnamritha slokas 2.57 describes the baby (Bala-Mukunda) that floats on the pralaya waters on top of a banyan leaf after swallowing the universe and its contents for their protection:

kararavindhena padharavindam / mukharavindhe vinivesayantham
vatasya patrasya pute shayanam / balam-mukundam manasa smarami

(Translation) With His soft lotus hands, our baby Mukunda has grabbed His lotus like toe and placed it in His lotus mouth, decorated with red lips, and sucks on

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10 months ago
it in amusement as He rests on the tender shoot of a Pupil leaf contemplating on the next cycle of creation.

The above vision of Vatapathra Saayee (vata pathra sayanam) is a beautiful one. His hands, feet and Face are like aravindham (Lotus flower). Like an innocent child, there He rests after completing the miraculous act of swallowing the Universe for safe keeping.