There is a thin line dividing confidence and ego

There's a very thin line between high ego and confidence. Ego is all about how you look to others, how you feel like you're better and superior than them. Feeling "Im better than you" attitude is Ego. A high ego feeds on people's attention and admiration and constantly compare with other people to feel more superior.

Confidence is a positive thing but too much of it is bad. Confidence is in one's individual, you don't need to depend on other's praise or admiration to feel good about yourself. It's all in you. You feel as long as what you do what you feel is good and wont hurt people other's opinions won't affect you. You believe in yourself.

When you feel good about yourself, you love yourself, and everyone around you. You show respect for yourself, and respect for those around you.

When your ego is too big, or you're overconfident, you lose sight of yourself, and what's important. People who have a big ego only inflate it because they have no self-confidence. They put others ''down'' in order to put themselves ''up.''

When you feel good about yourself, you're happy, kind, and compassionate. You treat others as equals - just as you would want to be treated. People sense that, and want to be around you.

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Ego is I, what ever decisions you take to feed the I within you, they need not necessarily be always correct, while self confidence means taking the correct decisions at the correct time and standing up for yourself at all times.