Why so many Questions?

Shri Subramanian, one of our readers, shares his experience with Him regarding a proposal to collect funds to maintain some basic needs of a temple. So much to learn from each of these experiences.

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During a Kanchi trip, my wife and I visited Kasi Viswanatha temple. It was then under archaeological dept undergoing renovation with fewer visitors. The gurukkal complained of the financial difficulties..no administration, fewer devoteesand only contribution from kanchi mutt. Just lighting the dheepams daily cost Rs30. As we were proceeding to the mutt, my wife said “we will collect some money for the oil for the temple dheepams. let us ask Periyavaa” I said “We can make a donation Why ask periyavaa? I am tongue-tied in his presence” She said she will.

In the queue for darshan of periyavaa, a little ahead of us was a lady, her sari and jewels evidenced her riches. After offerings, she asked periyavaa: “I have saved about 50 thousand rupees which I want to give to the mutt. I seek periyava’s permission” Without delay, the answer came: “Not now, I will tell you later when and how it is to be spent”.

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I looked at my wife with a ??
She said “I’ll ask Him anyway”

In our turn after namaskaram, she asked “Periyavaa, the temple is without money for even the dheepam oil. I want to collect and contribute for it with your permission”

A few seconds of silence.

Then periyava asked her “Is your Husband here?’

I bowed and stood in front of Him. 2 quickfire questions followed: “what is your job? How much do you earn?” After my answers, “How much can you contribute and how do you propose to collect money?”.

I answered ” We will ask from friends and relatives, add it to our maximum possible contribution and give”
Another silence and then “How many children have you?
“2 daughters”

Prompt quickfire :”Are they married?”

“Yes, both of them” - as if He doesnt know!..I realised it was to alert me on responsibilities of the task and educate my wife in her simplicity!

Silence followed for a while. It was blissful. Standing before Him and having His darshan longer but I was worried for my wife.

At last anugraham and asirvadham came: “Collect what you can, “earmark” the amount and give to pudhuperiyava”

We bowed and reported to pudhuperiva”. Sometime later we fulfilled our wish within our limits as advised.
My wife was peeved as we came out of the mutt: “why so many questions, why not just yes or no? Why this about daughters and marriage?”.

I explained to her all the implications he subtly taught us:

1.Wife cannot launch this project without husband’s support.

2. project underestimated ! 30 Rs a month is >10000 a year. Total cost needs interest on lakhs as bank deposits.

3 If just a wish to be satisfied, we are reliable and sincere but beware the traps and pitfalls?? Exploiting His name we can make receiptbook collections, boost our images and perhaps our bank accounts too as some people do.

4. Even if reliable and honest, marriages of daughters may cause money stress and temptations. Don’t people break down Thirupathi hundis in their homes when in dire need? All this was in the query “how do you propose to collect money?”

Subtle, not many words, recognition of sincerity + ignorance .
Thats Periyava!

Any project He sponsored will be looked after by Him to succeed well.