Greatness of Rama's name.

Rama is one, whether you identify it with the Atma or with the form installed in your heart. Every year comes the festival of Sri Rama Navami. But we have not so far understood its true significance. You identify Rama with a form. But Rama is not limited to any particular form. It is the name that is latent in your heart. Many changes and variations keep occurring in the world, but the name of Rama is immutable, is eternal, unsullied and everlasting.

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Rama was not an ordinary individual. He was verily God who incarnated on earth for the welfare of mankind. People call God by many names like Rama, Krishna, Easwara and Mahadeva. They are all the names of one God. You should recognise the glory of this name. Sage Vasishtha said, “Ramo Vigrahavan Dharma” (Rama is the personification of Dharma). Dharma itself incarnated in the form of Rama. You should follow Dharma. Which Dharma should you follow? Do not follow the Dharma associated with your mind. Follow the principle of Dharma which comes from your heart.

- taken from Swami's Ramanavami Discourse in 2007...