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Greetings. Saturn is transiting into Libra shortly - anywhere between 15-Nov and 21-Dec-2011 depending on the Panchanga followed. In this connection I am happy to share a rare Stuti on Shanaishchara by King Dasharatha in Skanda Puranam, Prabhasa Khanda, Shanaishchareshwara Mahatmya, Chapter 49. There is another popular stuti by King Dasharatha from Brahmanda Puranama supposedly created in the same context. So, this is a different one (this is common in purans).

Saturn And Afflictions
1. Whether people fear/respect God or not, people seem to fear/respect (perhaps with grudge) Lord Saturn! Perhaps due to the immense disquietude he is attributed to bring when he is transiting inauspicious houses 1,2, 4,5, 7,8,9,10,12. He is said to give benefits only when he is transiting 3,6,11. Of course this is only general and has to be modified according to one's horoscope's planetary placements, running dashas, etc.

2. It is said that he is slow to give and he often prepares one mentally through tribulations before giving upliftment (contrary to Rahu which gives sudden upliftment and equally sudden downfall). In other words, Saturn is the Karma Sakshi - he gives as per one's karma.

3. Though the 7.5 year cycle (sade sathi) is believed to be very troublesome - though it is not true for all people. But even then, the Ashtama Shani can be even more deadlier for some people than sade sathi.

4. It is not true that only Saturn is the most treacherous - for some Rahu can be even more deadlier if he is ill-placed; the Rahu Dasha and transit can be even more treacherous than Sani. In fact, for a very treacherous Rahu Dasa, a special Shulini Durga Homa is prescribed by Astrologers (which is performed only by special pundits in Andhra, as far as I know).
5. Saturn is exalted in Libra and therefore the current transit could see the full power of Saturn.
Saturn Temples
1. Though Navagraha temples are available in all Shiva Sthalas and in some Vaishnavite sthalas (as Lord Sudharshana is said to embody all planets), there are a few famous ones - Thirunallaru, Thirukolligadu, Shinganapur, another temple between Ujjain and Indore (I forgot the name) on the highway, there is another near Kambam. There could be many more.

2. There is one Shiva Temple behind Kal Garudan Temple (Nachiar Koil) near Kumbhakonam. It is claimed that King Dasharatha sung the stuthi in this temple only (not sure which one of the two I have seen so far). In this temple, Shani is available with his consorts but the temple is a small one.
3. Worship of Bhairava and Bhairava forms is said to be a good remedy for ill effects of Saturn. From the Vaishnavite point of view, prayer to Lord Sudarshana or Lord Kurma. There are two temples for Lord Kurma (Srikurmam in Andhra Pradesh near Srikakulam and there is another one near Tirunelveli in a village).
4. Other remedies are worship to Lord Hanuman, Lord Venkatesha, etc.
May Lord Saturn Bestow his kindness to one and all!
With best wishes,
K. Muralidharan (Murali)
PS : I am not an astrologer and the above facts are a recollection from memory of what I have read!!

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