Adeyen Dashan!
Happy to meet you all in our Azagiyamanavalanin Viruppan Thirunaal.
Chithirai Brhmothsavam.

As we even think about Srirangam, it not only brings us the thought
about Lord Ranganatha but it also brings the bliss and joy in our
heart. Srirangam is a place of great history, each and every festival
that is celebrated at this holy place is celebrated for the people so
as to bring the the people together.

Today our Azagiya Manavalan's Brahmotsavam is starting .

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Our Namperumal blesses everyone as he passes by the Chitra streets of
Srirangam at early morning and evening because he is Rangarajan, the
King of Kings and Legend of Srirangam to make sure that his subjects
in this beautiful city are all happy and peaceful.

His blessing is not only with all the people of Srirangam but also
with the members of Srirangasri group who not only worship him as a
lord but feel him as an Acharyan / a problem solver / a friend.

Today Azagiya Manavalan is leaves from the Kannadi Arai (Palace of
Mirrors) with Ubayanachiar (Sreedevi and Boodevi) with Oyyara Nadai
(Walking with Pride) in the Chitra Street inquiring the welfare of
each and every one when he passes through the street, people share
their desires and the worries to him about which he discusses with

After this he proceeds to Yahasala (Fire Ceremony Place) to attend the
Pachagni Homam and Thirumanjanam with Sreedevi and Boodevi.

Around 1 AM tomorrow morning he goes back to Kannadi Arai and
Ubnachiyar proceed to their Moola sthanam (Sanctum Sanctoram).

After just 6 hours of rest at around 7 AM he proceeds in Pallaku
(Palanquin) through the Chitra Streets and around 6 PM he proceeds in
Karpaka vriksham (The Sacred tree that blesses people with whatever
that they desire).

Vachaka dosham Kshamikavum (Apologies for any mistakes)

Will discuss more about Karpaka Vriksham tomorrow.

I pray Azhagiya manavalan (Namperumal) and Ubayanachiyar (Sreedevi and
Boodevi) to bless all of with prosperity and Happiness.

Mangala sasanams.