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Thread: 27 STARS

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    Post 27 STARS

    There are 27 stars under the Hindu Astrology. The star that prevails on the day a person is born is called their birth Rashi. The life of a person depends a lot on the Star under which they are born.
    Persons born under the influence of a particular star have certain characteristics specific to that star. Though they are general in nature, they offer certain clues about ones personality.

    This is number one personality vast learning, well developed brain power, faith in religion, sacrificing tendency, ambitious, philosophical and social.
    Bharani Magnetic personality, changing mood, business minded, influential, high position
    Karthikai Vast learning, logical, doubting mind, creative ability, unsteady fortune, hot body, enthusiastic, engineering brain, brave.
    Rohini Well learned influential, travel minded, artistic, business-like, spiritual, changing affections.
    Mrigasreesham Vast learning, likes research, high position, noble views of life, attraction, mystical.
    Aridra Religiousness, responsible positions, artistic, brave, litigations, laziness, leader, passionate.
    Punarvasu Good-natured, trials in life, cultured, helping nature, vanity-minded, failure and success often.
    Pushyami Devotional, wealthy, doubting, soft nature, jack of all, well placed.
    Aslesha Moody, short temper, harsh speech, wealthy, religious, slow.
    Makha Capacity to command, wealthy, devoted, social worker, weak moral standard
    Pubba(Poorva Phalguni) Learned, business-minded selfish, saving tendency, philosophical, learned in sastras, impure mind.
    Uttara Faithful, greedy, proud, administrative, wavering, needy.
    Hastha Talented, wealthy, materialistic, fluent speaker, quarrelsome, sacrificing tendency.
    Chitarai learned, sickly magician, superstitious, tactful, hard mind.
    Swathi Cultured learned, famous submissive to ladies, passionate, wealthy.
    Visakha Dreamer, fond of astrology, administrator, brave, strong, charitable.
    Anuradha Learned, religious minded, soft, musical talents, royal position, quickness.
    Jyesta Artistic, lover of ornaments, costly dress, dreamer, brave, agriculturalist, philosophically- minded.
    Moola Ambitious, learned, wavering, writer, proud, talkative, is fond of traveling, helpful
    Purvashada Clever, helpful, brave, conspirer, selfish, evil-minded, wealthy.
    Uttarashada Preacher, respected, noble, boasting, wavering mind, short-tempered.
    Sravana Brave, administrator, adaptable, tactful, wealthy, evil company, slow.
    Dhanista Patient, suffering, royal life, enduring, revengeful, brave, social.
    Satabisha Cultured, artistic, writer, sacrificing, submissive to the fair sex, soft-hearted, religious.
    Purvabhadra Spiritual, unattached, helpful. Unknown, patient, boasting, quarrelsome, famous
    Uttarabhadra Soft, helpful, suspicious, learned, devotional, religious planning.
    Revathi Artistic, divine qualities, noble, successful, respected.

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