The existence of a family for decades depends upon the birth of a son. According to ancient texts says that Goddess Lakshmi will not stay in a house where the family will not have a son. By begetting the birth of a son, the parents, whose sins in the past life will ward off and pave way for a Moksha Marga. Putra means the son who prevents his parents not go to Poutra naraka.
The family who do not have son due to the following reasons:
Sapa due to mother
Sapa due to father
Pitru dosham
Daiva dosham
Naga dosham

Natives witness both positive as well as negative effects due to the impact of the Navagrahas. If the natives suffers for various reasons, it is advised to offer remedial measures to please them. Natives who are suffering have to consult an eminent astrologer and take appropriate remedial measures to please the planets to get Santana sowbagyam
Let us examine the reasons of Putra dosha
1. If Ravi is positioned in the fifth house of the natal chart or in debilitated or positioned in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house from lagna cashes Putra dosha
2. If Chanda is positioned in the fifth house, the lord of Putra stana or debilitated or Rahu/Ketu in the twelfth house, the dosha happens
3. If Kuja is positioned in the fifth house from lagna may cause dosha
4. If Budha is positioned in the fifth house from lagna may also cause dosha
5. If Guru is positioned in the fifth house, the house Putra stana or in sixth, eighth or twelfth house from lagna it causes dosha
6. If Rahu and Ketu is positioned in Putra stana, the dosha happens

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