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    The term ‘Evolution’ means gradual development. In biology, evolution signifies the process of development of more complicated forms of life form the earlier and simpler forms. CHANGE IS THE ONLY PERMANENT FEATURE IN THE UNIVERSE. Changes are the essence of life. It is also inevitable consequence of nature. The earth, in which complex organic life has evolved, began as a glowing mass of matter that might have separated from the sun. In the beginning the earth remained unfit to support life, as its temperature was so high. During the gradual cooling of the earth, earth’s crust was formed. In due course, earth’s substratum became fit enough to support and promote diversified organic life. The age of the earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years.Click image for larger version. 

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    One of the most intriguing but essential factors of the universe is LIFE. How did
    Lives originate? How so many different forms of life have come into existence? What happens to livings after the principle of life has left their body? What is the difference between chemical nature of the body of the living and the living itself? Are we alone in this vast universe?

    One can put as many questions as one can think of. Both philosophers and the scientists of the past and present are putting these questions day in and day out. But the answers came in bits and pieces, with more questions to ask and prove, and with awesome ambiguity. Neither the religious philosophers nor the rational scientists are satisfied with their findings. They continue to seek new knowledge to understand life and the universe it self. Perhaps a day would come when we say that
    “The total number of livings, however small or big, in the universe is constant. When one living form becomes extinct another living form comes into existence”
    just like the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy.

    One of the most famous English comics characters DENNIS the MENACE, shouted to his ripe old friend, " Hey! Mr.WILSON, where did I come from? "

    The question is not just one of a childish prank or new, but a question every human being has been asking from time immemorial. Where have we come from? Where do we disappear? Who are we? Are we the body or Are we different from the body we are in?
    Is the egg first or the chick first?

    These questions force us to believe that there is indeed a very thin line between Science and Superstition AND Science and Religion. Being present in an age of Human organ TRANSPLANTATION; the answer to such questions become very complex.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yet! An awareness of the origin of life similarity and diversity of life forms and its inseparable non - living counterparts are essential for us to understand the interdependence
    of life forms. Diversity of life forms among the diverse landforms of earth is one of the key factors in determining the evolution of life. If there are no diverse landforms; then different habitats cannot exist. If different habitats don't exist diverse life forms cannot exist. The fundamental equilibrium maintained by nature through the food web; food chain and prey predator relationship is the major key to the art of survival adaptation and subsequent evolution and speciation in plants and animals alike.

    Some of the steps of evolution and their deductions are given hereunder:
    Accepted age of earth 4.5 billion years

    The earth, which was a ball of fire, cooled to form a single landmass
    (Could this be the appearance of Maha meru and subsequent life farms? according to Samudra manthan - an Indian mythology)
    (Could this be the time, life terminated in Mars and Venus and people tried to colonize on earth?)
    (Could this be the legendary Jambhoo Dweepam (island)?)
    The initial hot lifeless period of earth was about 3.5 billion years.
    The oldest rock found was about 3.8 billion years
    The oldest microfossil found was about 2.6 billion years.
    The rise of Himalayas was roughly about 650 - 1000 million years back.
    About 350 million years back India occupied high latitude and was close to the South Pole
    About 75 million years back India started moving towards north.
    The last major face of northern movement of India occurred 15 million years ago, resulting a further elevation of land.(Remember Sri Agastya Maharishi coming to Souther India making Vindhyas flat and giving Cauvery and introducing tamil and MURUGA)
    Prior to 570 million years the biomass consisted only of bacteria, algae and multicelluar organism of limited assemblage, diversities and quantity.
    About 410 million ago higher plants emerged.
    About 35 to 40 million years ago multicelluar animal life forms evolved.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	continental-drift.jpg 
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    This deduction give us an idea of the long history of our planet and also tells us some of the stories of the past, like the elevation of mountains, are more story telling for of historical recordings. It is time we give it a scientific out look and derive the science in it . Perhaps we would have been the first to understand the formation of universe and the origin of life .

    Science and Religion under no circumstances should be mixed . Both must strive to seek knowledge in their own special ways .


    Why were there very large animals and trees long-long ago such as dinosaurs? Why the Neanderthal men were larger than what we are now? Why did the ancient stories talked
    about giants. Our ancestors systematically worked to make the life of future generations easy. There is no need for them to lie or pull fast ones. They would not have talked about Giants, without it being true? There has to be some truth in the giant form of life in legends and fables. ( Remember the giants SAMADI at Nagoor , near Velankanni)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    There was a time about 30 million years’ back, the percentage of Oxygen in the atmosphere was about 30%. Analysis of air samples trapped in amber has revealed the fact. No wonder we had giant animals with least brain like the DINOSAURS existing at that time due to the high level of oxygen. Perhaps we can surmise that the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere contributed to the size of animals and plants in our biotic environment.

    With photosynthesis and respiration of the livings competing with each other the percentage of oxygen came down 20.94% to day and the BODY TO BRAIN SIZE RATIO IN ANIMALS started increasing till we had the modern man.
    The body size decreasing and the brain size increasing , interesting isn’t it!.


    Nature itself increases or changes the number of species OF ANIMALS and plants in the world AS TIME PROCEEDS.

    Thereby we had proved ourselves that we are smarter than nature.

    A number of species of animals have become extinct including some species of tigers. We are now busy in saving the existing tigers. What we actually do; is to discover ways of giving employment to our own species the human beings and perhaps DELAY THE PROCESS OF
    Many an individual envisaged and brought out ingenious products and projects, which were new technologies at the time, they lived. The future generations instead of going into the details of such technologies have failed even to maintain them. Would we say the great monuments such as the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the architectural beauty of Greece, Rome, Tajmahal and the temples of Southern India are natural phenomenon that should proceed to Natural destruction. Our ancestors have failed to educate us appropriately either to manufacture or construct these marvels or at least the right knowledge to maintain them. Or can we say that our generations have failed to imbibe their traits.

    The answer lies with the adult citizens of today.

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