In Ramayana, Lord Rama went to vanvas (to jungle) for 14 years. He left his family, kingdom, comforts but he did that happily. It was his Dharma. It was his Dharma to obey his mother’s order; or some might say, it was his duty to obey his mother’s order.

What Ma Sita did following her husband Sri.Rama leaving the comfort of palace is probably her Duty to be with her Husband in all times.

What Laksman did following his brother Sri.Rama might be called as “sacrifice”
There was no need for him to follow his brother and no one ordered him to accompany his brother; he himself volunteered to be with his elder brother leaving his wife in the palace.

What Urmila did is probably a Sacrifice.
Lakshman's wife, Urmila, wanted to follow her husband to the forest as Sita had followed Ram but Lakshman begged her to stay back saying, "I will be busy taking care of Ram and Sita and will have not time for you. Help me by staying back so that I do not have to feel guilty or anxious about your wellbeing." So Urmila stayed back, reluctantly, wondering how she could help her husband help Ram.

On the first night in the forest, Lakshman kept watch while Ram and Sita went to sleep. That is when Nidra, the goddess of sleep, approached him. He begged the goddess to leave him alone for fourteen years so that he could guard his brother and sister-in-law night and day. The goddess, impressed by his act of filial devotion, agreed. But the law of nature demanded that someone bear the burden of Lakshman's share of sleep.

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"Go to my wife, Urmila, and inform her of the situation," said Lakshman. Nidra went to Urmila. Urmila bowed her head and replied, "Give me my husband's share of sleep for fourteen years so that he can stay awake all that time without any fatigue." So it came to pass that Urmila slept for fourteen years night and day while her husband stayed awake in the service of Ram and Sita.

In many families eldest son or daughter takes the Duty of providing every thing for the family by sacrificing his marriage and other comforts; it is probably A Dharma in our Tradition.

We know a Doctor in Chennai, who sacrificed her life by not marrying, but helping her many sisters get married.