Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Any information from Velamur temple is very imporatant to us, as it is very much attached to Srimth Andavan Ashramam and more particularly to H.H. I already posted a report on the Pavithrothsavam taken in the middle of the event on a particular day. Here I am attaching more pictures from Ankurarpanam, followed by poornaahuti. Please enjoy waching . In one of the clips, you may see the Upanishad Bhashyakarar, along with other Acharyas.

Please make sure to visit Velamur at any time convenient to you, and this is a distance of a 2 hours drive from Chennai. Very soon a Saama Veda paatasaalai will start functioning at this place, with the blessings of our Acharyan. A new building is under construction and will be ready in about 3 months time. I will be posting more updates on Velamur.

I am at the point updating the list of donors to the Rajagopura Kainkayam, completed early this year. Members looking at this mail, if you have joined in that noble cause, could you please let me know the details of your contribution, so that we make our records complete?
R Srinivasan