Lizards are a nuisance as they move around even in kitchens; Although they ate small insects, cockroaches, they multiply in numbers in quick time.They move on the walls, shed their shit on all places.

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As lizards feed on insects it is important to keep
the presence of such insects like cockroaches.

Effective general home insecticides to kill and drive away the insects, and Keeping all corners and wedges clean of cobwebs and accumulated dirt and dust and also insect eggs by regularly sweeping those places or using vacuum cleaner effectively.

Use of naphthalene balls or other de- odourising and de moisturising materials will also ensure cleanliness and avoid dampness.

I was told keeping peacock feathers in that place, or egg shells drive away these house lizards.

Please share your views on this for the benefit of members.

Note: I am in US, we never see any Lizards here at home.