I would like to know to what extent horoscope matching affects the married life.

I have come across a case in which horoscope matching of the boy and the girl
was done and in another case where it was not at all done.

In the first case, the horoscope was exhaustively analyzed by astrologers from either side
and the go ahead signal was given. It was stated that the horoscopes matched had
the maximum poruthums as prescribed by the astrologers.

In the second case, no matching of the horoscope was done initially and the marriage
was duly performed.

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After a few years -

In the first case, the married couple is facing a lot of trouble. There is always a verbal
tussle and unrest and the couple is not very happy. In fact, the parents of both the boy
and the girl are now finding ways and means to settle the dispute. But nothing seems
to work or stop this. There is unrest for both the boy and the girl as well as their parents.

In the second case, the couple is having a peaceful life. There is not much of a problem.
However, for some reason, they had their horoscopes matched. The result was the
horoscopes did not match and some wondered, how was it possible that this couple
got married, in spite of horoscopes not matching.

Would like to know your comments and what is the reason for the above.
Are there any exceptions to horoscope matching?

S. Padmanabhan