vasudeva para veda vasudeva para makhah

vasudeva para yoga vasudeva para kriyah

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vasudeva param jnanam vasudeva param tapah

vasudeva paro dharmo vasudeva para gatih

The ultimate goal of all knowledge is the Supreme Lord Krishna known as Vasudeva. The purpose of all austerities is to please Vasudeva. The purpose of yoga is to realize Vasudeva. All benefits which we receive are awarded by Vasudeva solely and all penances are performed to learn Vasudeva only. Vasudeva is the Supreme knowledge. Righteousness in its most complete form is rendering loving devotional service unto Him. Vasudeva is the supreme goal and ultimate reality of all existence.

Modern men requires tranquility.If today his peace has been badly disturbed,he himself is to blame.Peace can be disturbed owing to several reasons.It is here that gita comes to rescue.This Gita is one of the outstanding religious classics of the world.It is the part and parcel of Mahabharatha the fith veda.The preceptor is sri.Krishna the god incarnate.An ideal comrade,A great statesman,an invisible warrior,a wise teacher and a Yogi Par excellence,he hormanizes in his life the various conflicting activities of life.This makes him the fittest person to preach such a wonderful Postulate classic.Arjuna the recipient of Teaching is a typical representative of humans liable to be upset or confused during periods of crisis.Hence his predicament,very much represents ours,in a similar circumstance and situation.The beauty and the sublimity of the work,its relevance to the problem of human life and its universal approach that helps us view the whole creation as one,may have prompted the scholars to undertake the task of translating it as a labour of love and admiration.Sri krishna has been venerated and worshipped as God himself,come down as human being to save mankind and redirect in the path of Dharma.
Bhagavat Gita has been taken in the Management studies too and it is rightly to be taught to children .In recent times a deliberate attempt is made to destabilise our federal structure and to balkanise it.The children the future pillars in society should be taught Gita and to make them as strong as possible.