It is prescribed that 24 mudras(hand guestures) are to be displayed before commencing the Gayatri Japa. They are called "Japa purvaka mudras", i.e pre-japa mudras. These mudras are also known to be "Arbuda nivaraka", i.e cancer healing. Every one of these mudras have independent effects. The combination 24 such independent mudras is used as the japa purvaka mudras.
The last line of the shloka for these mudras also says, "Eta mudra na janati, gayatri nishphala bhavet", meaning "May the gayatri mantra be fruitless to he who does not know these mudras".
A regular practice of these mudras is recommended for all those who have undergone the Upanayanam & are performing the sandhyavandanam regularly. Most sandhyavandanam books do not include pictures of these mudras. You can download this & keep a copy of it for future generations.

(NOTE: The shloka to be recited for each mudra is given in the picture. They are to be recited while displaying these mudras.)

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