Flight up to : a) Patna - 105 KM to Gaya
b) Luknow - 570 KM to Gaya
c) Delhi - 1137 KM to Gaya

3 Hours time to fly any of these places and the economy class charges will be around Rs. 5000/- per head.

All the seasons are good to go to Gaya and except Rainy season.
It is better to avoid Mahalaya Paksham because there will be more crowd at Gaya.

By flight up to Patna - Up one day
Gaya Shradham - one day
Ganga harathi at Kasi at the same day
Next day morning most of the places in Kasi up to 2 pm from early morning.
Start to Go to Patna by 2.30 pm
You can reach Patna the same evening by 7.30 pm 260 KM from VAranasi by road in 5 hrs journey.
There are two flights to Chennai after 8 pm from Patnna.
Better book the flights in advance before scheduling your journey.

It will be easy to cover most of the places of Kasi and Gaya in three days travel by flight.

If you go to Delhi it will take two more days and extra journey by train.
It is always advisible to do the Gaya Shradham first then to go to Kasi, because one full day is required to do the Gaya Shradham.

Just contact Sri.Thambu Vadhyar Mama of Kasi : 09956513388
(You can refer my name) and tell him your schedule.
He will make all arrangements including vehicle.
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This is our Gaya Shradha Experience: