Sri Akhilaandeshwari, Tiruvanaikoil, Tamil Nadu
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Jambukeswaram, popularly known as Thiruvanaikka is situated near Srirangam in Trichy District, Tamil nadu. This is Appu or water linga among the five lingas dedicated to five elements - Pancha Bootha Kshetras

There is perennial oozing of water from underneath Sivalinga in the Sanctum Sanctorum, which is emptied at regular intervals.
Lord Siva is said to have sat under a Jambu tree and done penance to have the darshan of Lord Vishnu in order to get rid of the sin of Brahmahatya (killing of a repository of Vedas) Akilandeswari, the Mother of the Universe, is said to have worshipped the Lord in this temple. Symbolically even today, at noon the priest, dressed in a saree, performs pooja to sri Jambukeswara.

It is said Sri Adi Sankara Bhagavatpada consecrated the Thatanga (earrings) Chakra, now adorning the ears of the Devi. Sri Adi Sankara installed a Ganapathy Vigraha in front of Sri Akilandeswari and this contained her Ugrakalai.