Dear svAmin,

My nephew SrI Vinod's jyeshTa putran's muDi irakkum (tonsure) function at Thirumalai, is scheduled for July 3rd ahead of the aayush homam. The first tonsure as per my nephew's family tradition is always done at Thirumala.

Today he has received news that his father's younger brother attained SrI VaikuNTha prApti. Now some of the elders at home are suggesting that Vinod cannot go to Thirumala for one year as he is pangali.

Sorry to disturb svAmin with this issue, but we seek your guidance on the correct thing to do here -
1) Can Vinod go to Thirumala for the performance of his little son's tonsure, after the ten day theettu is finished?

2) If he is not permitted to go to Thirumala, can the tonsure be performed at SrI Oppiliappan Koil as an alternative?

Thanks for your help and sorry for any inconveniences caused.

aneka namaskArangaLuDan


paraM hI puNDarIkAkshAt na bhUtaM na bhavishyati||
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