Sri N.V.S Sir,

Thank you for finding these videos for us. Each one is an excellent demonstration... I think my postings would be more effective if I accompany that with an audio or video. I'll try to produce one from the next post.

The video, titled: placement of 22 shruthis in a harmonium, excellently explains all the shruthi levels. A common doubt that arises here is that I have mentioned only 12 shruthi levels (corresponding to 12 swara sthanas) whereas the video tells there are 22 shruthis. The 5 vikruthi swaras Ri, Ga, Ma, Dha, Ni, with two variants each, gives rise to 10 swara sthanas. The fine-tuning of the 10 swarasthanas divides each into 2 sound levels, hence 10 becomes 20. This plus 2 prakruthi swara sound levels make a total of 22 shruthis.

In my post, I have made a note as to +/- 0.25 fine-tuning can be made to the pitches. As you follow the video, you can see there is only a minute difference between say Athi Komal Rishabh (R1 - 1.5 kattai) and Komal rishabh (1.75 kattai). The difference is not so evident unless the listerner's ears are very sharp

Basic models of electronic Shruthi box and Tampuras give only the 12 shruthis. Advanced models have options to attain all 22 shruthis.

Hope this is helpful.