Request clarification for a question regarding Amavasya tharpanam.
Do we include "vasu rudra aditya svarupa" mantras in the tharpanam? I heard that for one who has done prapatti (Samashrayanam at Acharya), it is not required to state vasu,rudra,aditya svarupam. But, from many others , i heard that we have to include it.
Please clarify.


Please read the following carefully to understand well about our shastras:

1. Vedam is our sacred and authentication scripture for all Hindus.

2. There may be many philosophy according to interpretation but all philosophies are based on Vedas.

3. Vedas have two main parts in it as:
a) Poorvam : Teaching about karmas according to Varna and Ashrama
b) Uthtaram : Elaborating about Bhramam and how to attain moksha after death.

4. There are two main thing to abide by Brahmins a) Shastras b) Soothras c)Sampradaya
d) Sidhantha
a) Shastras are nothing but abstract of Vedas and it is called 'smruti'.
It insists us what are all to be done and how, and what are to be not done.
It will tell only about the karmas to be done. The procedures and manthrams to be chanted are well described by few rushis like Apastamba, Bhodhayana.

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b) Soothras : Mainly there are six soothras each two for Rig, Yajur, and Sama Veda.
Apastamaba, Bhodhayana, Sathyashada rushis done soothras for Yajur Veda
Karthiyayana done sothram for Sukla Yajur Veda
Dhrahyayana done Soothra for Sama Veda

C) Sampradaya : After having all the above scripts to do karmas, still there was a difficulty in doing karmas properly.
For example; as per shastras, stiched cloths should not be worn.
But, there is no explanation in shastras about how to wear a long unstiched cloth properly and conveniently. So, our elders found out a way to wear the long cloth as Pancha Katcham, Madisar saree.
Likely, Annam (Anna dhanam) is specified in many occasions to get lot of punyams.
But, only rice (annam) can not be eaten by anybody. So, to take sufficient, stomech full of annam, tasty side dishes are required.
So, our elders found out many and varies side dishes according to functions, which is called sampradaya.

d) Sidhantha : We should know a little about philosophies (Sidhantha) also to get clear understanding about this subject.

Mainly there are three philosophies:
i) Dvaida
ii) Advaida
iii) Visishtadvaida
These sidhanthas are in no way related to a) and b)
and there is a little connection with c)

So, we must know, a) and b) are related to Shareera (body) only (up to the end of life),
c) and d) are related to Atma only (after the end of life).

So, c) and d) should not enter in to a) and b) because which is not meant for it.

Now we come to a conclusion by answering your question:
Performing of Tarpanam, Shradham etc are comes under a) and b)
so, on any account or for any reason there will be no difference between a Prapanna
and others.
Prapatti is done for Atma and not for Shareera.

Even the Acharya Purusha also should abide by the rules of Sanyasa Ashrama as described in shastras.`