Evidence of Mahabharata

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As far as, drawing of astronomical map of 3000 BCE era goes, a wrong map could easily be drawn by anybody without citing the complexities and gaps in logic involved, anybody who is not a sincere qualified scientist can draw such a wrong map using available softwares.

This Kaul and group, is not aware of "Paul Lerner" and therefore not included him in his list of agnosticism, "Paul Lerner" is a graduate of Cambridge university and now a faculty, who did write a book "Astrological Key in Mahabharata" and tried establishing that Mahabharata war is merely a symbolization of Spring Equinox falling to Asvini-Chitra axis, there was no actual war, Paul identifies, Yudhisthir, the eldest of Pandavas with Ajameedha and relates that with zoidical sign of Aries ( Aja), and thereby, "Paul Lerner" establishes knowledge of Signs existing in Indian land, But, another aspect of Paul Lernerís so called research is absolutely trash that there was no happening of Mahabharata war, we find there are variety of people with their level of intellect and agenda.

The debate has already established that Greeks were not knowing anything specific either about Zodiacal - Signs or about Zodiacal - Nakshtras as listed in Atharva Veda ( Nakshtra Sukta, 19'th chapter) with explicit reference to Moon's path, Kaul being perfect ignorant and a copy cat, never knew about Moon's path in the Nakshtra Sukta, those guys are also running away from having a debate on their anti vedic panchanga, this is their level.

"Paul Lerner" underlines that epic relates to the appearance of constellation of Canis Major, particularly Sirius, thatís a star of southern hemisphere and was also visible at plane of India-Egypt but never from Europe or Greece particularly.

So far as ascertaining the timing of Mahabhrata is concerned, Dwaraka excavations provide archaeological inputs, the oldest reference to Mahabharata is found in Griha Sutras, such asAsvalayana Griha Sutra's 3rd adhyaha that cites Mahabharata and enlists Mahabharata age sages, next comes Patanjali who also cites Mahabharata heroes, Asvalayana also gives same astronomical pointers of watching Shaptarshi and Arundhati stars at the time of marriage by just married couple in the beginning of evening, that's calculated by Tilak, Jacobi and arrived at, to be a phenomena of 2000 BCE to 2300 BCE, this period is ratified by number of astronomers without exceptions.

Thus, Asvalayana, Apastmba grihasutras relates to era 2000 BCE to 2500 BCE and Therefore, we are clear that Mahabharata didn't war happen after 2000 BCE, Coincidently, one of the opponents of Mahabharata's occurrence with the beginning of Kaliyuga i.e before 2000 BCE, The well known, RN Iyngar too excites and supports Shaptarshi-Arunndhati phenomena of that antiquity and makes a contradiction to his own argument against Aryabhatta's citation and so many others for Kaliyuga age and latest dating of Mahabharata by Prof Narhari Achar..

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