Karthik Swaminathan (Dhanush) lives with his sister after their parents passed away. Sunder, Shankar, Padmini and Vindhya are his friends. Karthik's aim is to become a wildlife photographer and his inspiration is Madhesh Krishnasamy, an expert in wildlife photography. When Karthik approaches Madhesh to accept him as his assistant, Madhesh rejects him. During one night Sunder introduces a girl called Yamini (Richa Gangopadhyay) as the girl he loves to his gang of friends at the beach. There's an immediate disliking between Karthik and Yamini as they often end up quarreling with each other. Later on Karthik and Yamini develop feelings for one an other and want to spend time together. Karthik asks Yamini about where her relationship with Sunder is heading, she tells him that there is no connection between them. Karthik becomes guilty and he tells Yamini that she is like his sister to him, Yamini slaps him. Later on, they drink and fall asleep.
Meanwhile, Karthik continuously tries to prove his photography skills to Madesh but is continuously rejected and humiliated. Karthik becomes frustrated and starts drinking. Yamini tries to console Karthik and provide hope but this results in both of them behaving irresponsibly. Karthik being caught by guilt, moves away from Yamini and Sunder without informing anyone. Later on, hearing Yamini's voice mail ,Karthik finds out that the pictures he took for Madhesh weren't rejected but used in a magazine under Madhesh's name. Being disappointed he meets Madhesh to give the credit to him. But Madhesh denies using Karthik's work. Karthik leaves with tears. His friends find him and start scolding him for vanishing. Sunder tells him that he was waiting for him to propose to Yamini. Yamini arrives late. Yamini follows him to his room and tells him she missed him so much and she felt like dying in his absence. They both hug each other. Suddenly Sundar enters the room and gets shocked by seeing them hugging.
He slaps Karthik and leaves the place. Later with the help of Sunder's father, Ramesh forgives Karthik and the duo decide that neither one will love Yamini. Meanwhile Karthik's sister calls Sunder and expresses her love. As Sunder receives the call in loud mode Kartik too hears what she says. On hearing this, Sunder's dad arranges marriage between Karthik and Yamini and Sunder and Karthik's sister. After their honeymoon, Karthik faints and falls from the balcony on hearing that Madhesh was awarded a prestigious award for the picture he took. After a few years, Karthik becomes mad and ferocious. He starts to drink a lot and beats up several people who ask him to take photos. Yamini looks after him and the family. She also sends his previous wildlife photographs to all the magazines and most of them get rejected. One day, after seeing an interview where Madhesh claims that Karthik's photos are his own, Karthik breaks the TV. Yamini comes to console him but he kicks her in the stomach which leads to abortion of their baby. Karthik being disappointed sleeps near the blood stains. He becomes sane after this accident. Yamini avoids speaking to Karthik for few months. After few months, his wildlife photo gets printed in Kumudham, then he got a big opportunity. After few years finally he beat the traitor Madhesh, he prove his talent. Finally he won an award. In the ceremony he praises his friends and finally he dedicate that moment to his wife Yamini saying that she is a "Iron Hearted Woman".

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Dhanush as Karthik Swaminathan (genius)
Richa Gangopadhyay as Yamini
Sunder Ramu as Sunder Ramesh
Mathivanan Rajendran as Shankar
Pooja Balu as Padmini
Soni Barring as Ramya]]
Shilpi Kiran as Vindhya
Rajiv Choudhry as Ramesh
Ravi Prakash as Mathesh Krishnasamy

After his Irandam Ulagam starring Dhanush and Andrea Jeremiah ran into trouble after the latter had pulled out of the film, citing differences with the director, Selvaraghavan began a new film featuring Dhanush and Richa Gangopadhyay, who had initially been signed to do another film with the director.[4] Richa began shooting for the film in Kannur in May 2011 and the film was wrapped up within three months.[5] The title was finally changed to Mayakkam Enna in August 2011, with reports suggesting that Dhanush would sport four different looks in the film.[6][7] Selvaraghavan has since made it clear that the film has a totally different script from the film that had been shelved.[8] It is said that Dhanush will be seen in various stages, as a boy just out of his teenage to an old man.[9] Prakash Kumar replaced Yuvan Shankar Raja as music composer in the film, with the latter reporting it was due to "money and time issues".[10][11] However, in a sensational turn, Prakash Kumar was assigned again as composer after Yuvan Shankar Raja moved out of the project as he was busy with other commitments and could not give priority to Selvaraghavan, who was in rush to complete the film and move over to his next project, Vishwaroopam.[12] Television actress Deepa Venkat dubbed the voice of the female lead.