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Some time back I posted a write-up on Kasi Yatra which requires Ganga pooja at the end.
I am reproducing below the different names of Ganga found in a book.
Hope this will be of use to many for the Ganga pooja and with the English meanings will help understand how high the River Ganga is revered in our religion



1. Ganga Ganges

2. Vishnu-padabja-sambhuta Born from the lotus-like foot of Vishnu

3. Hara-vallabha Dear to Hara (Shiva)

4. Himacalendra-tanaya Daughter of the Lord of Himalaya

5. Giri-mandala-gamini Flowing through the mountain country

6. Tarakarati-janani Mother of [the demon] Taraka’s enemy (i.e. Karttikeya)

7. Sagaratmaja-tarika Liberator of the [60,000] sons of Sagara (who had been burnt to ashes by the angry glance of the sage Kapila).

8. Saraswati-samayukta Joined to [the river] Saraswati (said to have flowed underground and joined the Ganges at Allahabad).

9. Sughosa Melodious (or: Noisy).

10. Sindhu-gamini Flowing to the ocean

11. Bhagirathi Pertaining to the saint Bhagiratha (whose prayers brought the Ganges down from Heaven).

12. Bhagyavati Happy, fortunate

13. Bhagiratha-rathanuga Following the chariot of Bhagiratha (who led the Ganges down to Hell to purify the ashes of Sagara’s sons).

14. Trivikrama-padoddhuta Falling from the foot of Vishnu

15. Triloka-patha-gamini Flowing through the three worlds (i.e.Heaven, earth and the atmosphere or lower Regions).

16. Ksira-subhra White as milk.

17. Bahu-ksira [A cow] which gives much milk

18. Ksira-vrksa-samakula Abounding in [the four] “milktrees’(i.e. Nyagrodha (Banyan). Udumbara (glamorous figtree), Asvattha (holy-fig- tree),and adhuka (Bassia Latifolia).
19. Trilocana-jata-vasini Dwelling in the matted locks of Shiva.

20. Rna-traya-vimocini Releasing from the Three Debts, viz. Brahma-carya (study of the Vedas) to the rishis, sacrifice and worship to the Gods, and procreation of a

son,to the Manes.

21. Tripurari-siras-cuda The tuft on the head of the enemy of Tripura (Shiva). (Tripura was a triple fortification, built in the sky, air and earth of gold, silver and iron respectively, by Maya for the Asuras, and burnt by Shiva).

22. Jahnavi Pertaining to Jahnu (who drank up the Ganges in a rage after it had flooded but relented and allowed it to flow from his ear).

23. Nata-bhiti-hrt Carrying away fear.

24. Avyaya Imperishable.

25. Nayanananda-dayini Affording delight to the eye.

26. Naga-putrika Daughter of the mountain.

27. Niranjana Not painted with collyrium (i.e. colourless)

28. Nitya-suddha Eternally pure.

29. Nira-jala-pariskrta Adorned with a net of water.

30. Savitri Stimulator

31. Salila-vasa Dwelling in water.

32. Sagarambusa-medhini Swelling the waters of the ocean.

33. Ramya Delightful

34. Bindu-saras River made of water-drops

35. Avyakta Unmanifest, unevolved

36. Vrndaraka-samasrita Resort of the eminent

37. Uma-sapatni Having the same husband (i.e. Shiva) as Uma (Parvati).

38. Subhrangi Having beautiful limbs (or body).

39. Shrimati Beautiful, auspicious, illustrious, etc.

40. Dhavalambara Having a dazzling white garment.

41. Akhandala-vana-vasa Having Shiva as a forest-dweller (hermit).

42. Khandendu-krta-sekhara Having the crescent moon as a crest.

43. Amrtakara-salila Whose water is a mine of nectar.

44. Lila-lamghita-parvata Leaping over mountains in sport.

45. Virinci-kalasa-vasa Dwelling in the water-pot of Brahma (or Vishnu, or


46. Triveni Triple-braided (i.e. consisting of the waters of three rivers; Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati).

47. Trigunatmika Possessing the three gunas.

48. Sangataghaugha-samani Destroying the mass of sins of Sangata.

49. Sankha-dundubhi-nisvana Making a noise like a conch-shell and drum

50. Bhiti-hrt Carrying away fear.

51. Bhagya-janani Creating happiness.

52. Bhinna-brahmanda-darpini Taking pride in the broken egg of Brahma.

53. Nandini Happy

54. Sighra-ga Swift-flowing

55. Siddha Perfect, holy.

56. Saranya Yielding shelter, help or protection.

57. Sasi-sekhara Moon-crested

58. Sankari Belonging to Sankara (Shiva).

59. Saphari-purna Full of fish (esp. Cyprinus Saphore a kind of bright little fish that glistens when darting about in shallow water – or carp).

60. Bharga-murdha-krtalaya Having Bharga’s (Shiva’s) head as an abode

61. Bhava-priya Dear to Bhava (Shiva)

62. Satya-sandha-priya Dear to the faithful.

63. Hamsa-svarupini Embodied in the forms of swans.

64. Bhagiratha-suta Daughter of Bhagiratha

65. Ananta Eternal.

66. Sarac-candra-nibhanana Resembling the autumn moon.

67. Om-kara-rupini Having the appearance of the syllable Om.

68. Atula Peerless.

69. Krida-kallola-karini Sportively billowing

70. Svarga-sopana-sarani Flowing like a staircase to Heaven.

71. Ambhah-prada Bestowing water.

72. Duhkha-hantri Destroying sorrow.

73. Santi-santana-karini Bringing about the continuance of peace.

74. Darirya-hantr Destroyer of poverty.

75. Siva-da Bestowing happiness.

76. Samsara-visa-nasini Destroying the poison of illusion.

77. Prayaga-nilaya Having Prayaga (Allahabad) as an abode.

78. Sita “Furrow”. Name of the eastern branch of the four mythical branches into which the heavenly Ganges is supposed to divide after falling on Mount Meru.

79. Tapa-traya-vimocini Releasing from the Three Afflictions.

80. Saranagata-dinarta-paritrana Protector of the sick and suffering who come to you for refuge.

81. Sumukti-da Giving complete [spiritual] emancipation.

82. Siddhi-yoga-nisevita Resorted to (for acquisition of successor magic powers).

83. Papa-hantri Destroyer of sin.

84. Pavanangi Having a pure body.

85. Parabrahma-svarupini Embodiment of the Supreme Spirit.

86. Purna Full.

87. Puratana Ancient.

88. Punya Auspicious.

89. Punya-da Bestowing merit.

90. Punya-vahini Possessing (or producing) merit.

91. Pulomajarcita Worshipped by Indrani (wife of Indra).

92. Puta Pure.

93. Puta-tribhuvana Purifier of the Three Worlds.

94. Japa Muttering, whispering.

95. Jangama Moving, alive.

96. Jangamadhara Support of substratum of what lives or moves.

97. Jala-rupa Consisting of water.

98. Jagad-d-hita Friend or benefactor of what lives or moves.

99. Jahnu-putri Daughter of Jahnu.

100. Jagan-matr Mother of Bhisma.

101. Siddha Holy.

102. Ramya Delightful, beautiful.

103. Uma-kara-kamala-sanjata Born from the lotus which dreaded Uma (Parvati) (presumably a poetic way of saying that they were sisters).

104.Anjana-timira-bhanu A light amid the darkness of ignorance.

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