Dear sir,
I have been a regular subscriber to our Network and we have been regularly informed about our rituals and useful info about various aspects of life. Thank you for the same.
We are a well knit large family and I am the youngest of our generation, 55 years, in our generation. I have many elder cousins, from both parents' sides. Now, many of my cousins and their wives are senior citizens. We have been trying to inculcate the traditional ways of celebrating festivals and rituals, to my two grown up children. Now they are slowly able to understand the joys of celebrating the festivals in traditional ways.

However, as I have already mentioned above, many of my generation relatives are senior citizens and of course, in the next few years, it is only natural that they depart for their heavenly abode. As per our traditions, we are not supposed to celebrate any festival for one year, if any of our "Dayadhigal" pass away. In our family, already there is a demise on Tamil New Year Day this year and we would not be able to celebrate any festival till next year. If any body else passes away, by next year, the same would continue for the next year and subsequent years also.
If such a scenario, continues for the next few years, it we would not be able to celebrate any festivals. Is there any way out, to overcome this situation.
Kindly elucidate on this matter, as it may be occurring for some other families also.
Thank you!

Sivaram G

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