THE POOLAIP POO - பூளைப் பூ
Flowers are associated with fragrance, colour, charm, nectar, softness.

Can a flower be compared to an army of rakshasAs. This is a weird comparison but in most appropriate manner. This comparison in facts, throws light on EmperumAn s valour

How does one narrate valour ? By talking of the great bravery? By the talking of the stories of victories?. By the talking of the fiery opponents? By talking of the strength and nuances?

There is another way to bring into the greatness of the valour. By giving some simple examples which precisely reflect the object.

The flower - pULaip pU adorn the forests majestically. On appearance they appear bright. Once wind blows across these, the flowers vanish into nowhere.

The great forces of rAvaNA came like ocean waves with aggression and hostile intentions. Sri rAmA's valour made them vanish as if they were like pULaip pU.

That is the simple example for sri chakravarthith thirumagan's valour but the simple illustration reflects the great bravery and strength and sri rAmA.

"kARRiDaip pULai karandhen arandhaiyura kadal arakkar tham sEnai,
kURRidaich sella koDum kaNaith thurandha kOla villi raman than kOil.."- 4-10-6;

காற்றிடைப் பூளைக் கரந்தென அரநதையுற கடலரக்கர் தம் சேனை ,
கூற்றிடைச் செல்ல கொடுங்கணை துரந்த கோல வில்லி இராமன் தன் கோயில்

That is again thriumangai mannan for you.

vanamamalai padmanabhan

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