Periyavaa’s devotion for Adi Sankara is purest of the purest and this incident happened in 1983 at Satara where I was also a witness..

Indira Gandhi had a great respect and devotion for Periyavaa and hence for 1983 Sankara Jayanthi,she wanted to release a stamp on Adi Sankara. She didnt want to release it without getting permission from Periyavaa and hence she had sent

Sri. C.Subramaniam,who was the min of agriculture and an ardent devotee of Periyavaa all the way to Satara.

Normally Periyavaa treats all as equal and when CS came

He enquired “why he had come?”

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CS said he has come to take the permission for the Sankara Stamp to be released..

Periyavaa thought for a sec and asked him with a smile:
“Permission means you have already decided to release the stamp and you have come here for a formal information to me or if ,I give an opinion ,that would be binding on the government!”

Cs said:”PM made it clear whatever Periyavaa says will be carried out(he was thinking that the stamp release would meet with His approval!)”

Periyavaa:”If you ask me,I am against a stamp for Acharya..He is such a great Avatar I dont want every one to lick His photo and paste in all the covers. His greatness can never ever diminish whether we mortals
(He inlcudes Himself too!) release a simple stamp or not.”

CS said:”I would convey the same to PM”

Periyavaa:”incase she is keen on releasing or already made arrangements,it is her wish I have made ‘my wish’ because you have come all the way and asked for it..”

The stamp was never released by Indira much respect she had for Him.

Hara Hara Sankara..