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Thread: Secret of lord's incarnations (from bagavad geetha)

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    Default Secret of lord's incarnations (from bagavad geetha)



    The Gita, along with the Upanishads and the Brahma Sutras, embodies the flights of spiritual thought and philosophy of the seers of ancient India. It contains the essence of the practical philosophy of the Upanashads in language more easily comprehended than that used in the latter. It is wrong to call it the scriptural text of the Hindus only. The message of the Gita is relevant for all times and for all humanity. Sage Vedavyasa has embedded this treasure in the heart of Mahabharata, the geat epic poem written by him. It has been appreciated and acclaimed by the great thinkers and philosophers of the World and translated into the major world languages. It is strange that this great sermon was delivered by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the most unusual of settings, the battlefield of Kurukshetra where the Pandava and Kaurava armies were facing each other and Arjuna’s chariot, with Krishna as the charioteer, was stationed right in the middle of the two armies.

    In the following verses from the Gita, the Lord explains the secret and purpose of his incarnations.

    How many ?

    बहूनि मे व्यतीतानि जन्मानि तव चार्जुन
    तान्यहं वेद सर्वाणि न त्वं वेत्थ परंतप [४.५]

    Many are my births in the past and so are yours O Arjuna!. I know all of them but you do not remember your previous births.

    How he comes ?

    अजोऽपि सन्नव्ययात्मा भूतानामीश्वरोऽपि सन्
    प्रकृतिं स्वामधिष्ठाय संभवाम्यात्ममायया [४.६]
    I am the birthless, the deathless and the Lord of all beings. Yet I descend into this world of mortals with a human-like body by the power of my Maya, (embracing the pure sattwic aspect of my prakriti.

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    When ?

    यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत
    अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् [४.७]

    Whenever dharma ( virtue, righteousness) declines and adharma (vice, sin, corruption)raises its head in this world, I incarnate myself in human form.

    Why ?

    परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम्
    धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय संभवामि युगे युगे [४.८]

    In every age I appear in human form for protecting the good and for the destruction of the wicked and the bad

    Result of this knowledge

    जन्म कर्म च मे दिव्यमेवं यो वेत्ति तत्त्वतः
    त्यक्त्वा देहं पुर्जन्म नैति मामेति सोऽर्जुन [४.९]

    One who really understands that my births and actions in this world are divine and are of a transcendental nature, will never again be born after leaving this body but will become one with me.

    Other gods ?

    ये यथा मां प्रपद्यन्ते तांस्तथैव भजाम्यहम्
    मम वर्त्मानुवर्तन्ते मनुष्याः पार्थ सर्वशः [४.११]

    In whatsoever manner men approach me I respond to them and accept them in the same manner. Human beings, whichever their favourite god, finally end up in Me since those gods are only different aspects of Me, the Supreme Lord.
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