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Thread: Importance of Sandhyavandanam

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    Default Re: Importance of Sandhyavandanam

    Yes. True. As a citizen of Srirangam, we fondly used to call this HH as Kottanguchi jeeyar who stays near Dasavathara Sannithi in our kid time. HH will be served and anyone even goes to his mutt will get served everything in Kottanguchi. Sri Vishnu Puranam says a person who is not doing Sandhyavandhanam as "Nadamaadum Pinam". As he said not Puranam is saying that one who is not doing is not qualified for any thing even for Shraardham to his parents. Pithru mandalam,Rishi mandalam is not even turning their face towards that Namesake Brahmanan. Whatever else he is trying to do worshiping God from Kshetram to Kshetram and taking bath at all Punya Nadhi, doing other japams..... No use. "Namperumal avanai paarka kooda sagikkamal Mukolaapanam seivaar" - Periyorgal vaaku. Am not hesitating to say am a born Thenkalai Srivaishnavan who missed Madhyanikam almost after the day i weared Poonal function because of the lengthy Upasthaana Manthram of Rigveda and Aapa Punanthu even. Before i met this pontiff i was compelled by my Sanskrit Teacher to pronounce those. I gave him a weird look and started saying. He stopped me and degraded me in the class even though i was a regular attendee. Then after started doing Madhyanikam and he took me to this pontiff. HH taught me the importance of all and he tested me also. I again made a mistake because of fear. HH was not happy but asked my sanskrit teacher to taught the mantrams once again and told me don't get fear Namperumal will accept the mistake of kids. HH Stressed me strongly to pronounce without any fear in the next time we met.

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