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Thread: Ganesh Chaturthi

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    Default Ganesh Chaturthi

    In good old days Like any other religious festivals of Hindus Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated as a family festival only . It was celebrated inside the house with pooja and offerings. However Lokamanya Bala Gangadhara Tilak brought the celebrations as a public event to unite the Hindus against the foreigners in the year 1892-93. He saw in the festival a way of uniting people on a common platform to bring about political awakening in the guise of a religious celebration, with freedom of India being the ultimate goal. Soon this spirit spread to other parts of the Country as a national festival.

    Lord Ganesha presents altogather an unique image compared to other deities of Hindu Pantheon that is worshiped. He is called Ganapathi meaning Lord of the created. He is described by the shapes that adorn him, which are also his attributes. Vakratunda - having crooked mouth, Ekadantha - Single tusker. Krishna pingaksha - Dark complextioned with smoky eyes. Gajavaktra - Elephant faced . Lambodhara - pot bellied, Shurpa karna - ears like sifting pan
    Vikata - Formidable. Vignaraja (Vigneshwara) - vanquisher of obstacles. Dhoomravarana - Smoky complextioned. Balachandra - Young moon (son of Shankara). Vinayaka - He is the leader. Gajananam - Elephantine.

    Ganesha- Dvadashanam

    Namami sirasha devam gouri putram vinayakam
    Bhaktayaha samsmarenityam ayushyakamartha siddhaye.

    Prathamam Vakratundam thu Ekadantam Dwitiyakam
    Trutiyam Krishnapingaksham cha chaturtham gajakarnakam

    Lambodaram Panchamam cha Shashtim vikatameva cha
    Saptamam vighna Rajam Dhumravarnam Tathashtakam

    Navamam Balachandram cha dasamam thu Vinayakam
    Ekadasam Ganapatim Dwadasam thu Gajananam.

    Etad Dwadasa namani trisandhyam yah paten naraha
    vidyarthi labhate vidyam dhanarthi labhate dhanam,
    Putrarthi labhate putran, Moksharthi labhate Gatim.

    On this Ganesha Chaturthi day blessings of the Lord be with us.


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