Travelling with Infant:

While travelling with an infant does require some planning, it is not so difficult. This holds true even when it comes to baby food. There are a few tips that we should bear in mind while dealing with infant food:

  • A few days before your travel, begin serving the food at room temperature to the child. This way, you will not have to worry about serving hot food to her.
  • Many baby food recipe needs addition of milk. While you can always carry expressed breast milk or even a bottle of cow’s milk, carrying formula is less messy. Just keep the powder in a bottle and mix it with the required quantity of water when required.
  • You can carry most pureed infant food in the form of frozen cubes. Carry them either in mini coolers or in freezer bags. These frozen cubes usually stay as such for around six to seven hours. You can transfer it into refrigerators, which most hotels provide in the rooms. You can use unthawed frozen infant food for up to five days.
  • While thawing, if no other means are available, just transfer them into a bowl and keep it over hot water. Always remember not to re-use the food once thawed.

Here are some easy infant food recipes that are sure to help you.

Fruit Recipes

Banana and Milk

While travelling with an infant carry a fruit that is easy to mash. Mash a banana. A mango, avocado or poached peach can also be used. Mash the fruit and then add milk to it to smoothen the paste.

Apple and Kiwi

Peel an apple and boil it till tender. Blend a kiwi in a juicer with water and a little sugar. Mash the apple and smoothen it with the kiwi puree.

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Cinnamon Apple and Raisin
Peel an apple and boil it with a pinch of cinnamon powder till tender. Soak a few raisins overnight so that they become plump. Blend it with water and strain it so that all the skin is removed. Mash the apple and mix the raisin juice into it before feeding.

Vegetable Recipes

Potato and Milk

Boil a potato or sweet potato and mash it well. Add milk to it to smoothen the paste.

Green Potato

Boil a potato and mash it well. Boil any one green vegetable like broccoli, spinach, peas or beans. Blend it in a blender till a smooth puree is formed. Add the green puree.

Butternut Squash and Carrot
Cut the squash into two halves and remove its seeds. Take a little water in a baking dish and place them, face down, on the dish. Bake for half an hour till soft and remove the skin. Boil a carrot till tender. Mash the two together and add a little milk to smoothen the paste.
Cereal Recipes

Rice and Carrot

Boil the rice and carrot slices till tender. Mash the two together. Other vegetables like squash, pumpkin or spinach puree can also be used.

Sweet Rice Powder and Milk

Grind the rice in a blender til powdery. Boil it with a little sugar till it becomes thick. Mix with milk.

Oats and Melon
Prepare the oats with milk and a little sugar till it becomes thick. Cut the melon and blend it till a smooth paste it formed. Papaya or pear can also be used. Mix the two together. For this infant food, instead of oats, rice can also be used.
Lentil and Pumpkin

Cut the pumpkin into tiny pieces. Boil it with a spoon of lentil in water till both are very tender. Mash it and serve.

Barley and Sweet Potato

Cook barley powder in water for half hour till soft. Blend it till it is thick and pasty. Bake a sweet potato till tender
Mash it and mix the barley to it. Add milk for smoothing the paste. Barley contains gluten and so this infant food is best to avoid till your child is at least six months old.
Dairy Recipes

Apple and Cottage Cheese

Cook the peeled apples till tender and then puree it. Grind the cottage cheese till its powdery. Mix the puree to it
Mashed banana can also be used instead of apple puree.

Cottage Cheese and Potato

Blend the cottage cheese till it forms a creamy paste to form pureed baby food. Boil a potato and mash it with a little milk. Add the cottage cheese paste to it.