God-given self-healing power!
We each possess the most precious of gifts: a magnificent self-healing body as well as the ability overcome disease and to rejuvenate. Would you like to rely on your magnificent God-given powers to self-heal and no longer waste your time and money relying on something from outside of you to heal you? Only you can heal yourself. And the good news is: your body has been designed such that when we cooperate with Nature and set in place the conditions for healing and rejuvenation, the body will spontaneously begin healing and eventually complete the job. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken the
self-healing route and actualized joyous, vibrant disease-free health, and you can too!

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It is my passion to share with you the self-healing knowledge that has saved my life and countless others' lives. The goal of my work is to empower you to follow your own guiding sense of healthfulness, developing your inner resources to make the right health decisions, developing a healthful awareness and lifestyle where you are your own health coach / doctor / guardian / guru / genius, aligning with your true self in harmony with your natural bio-spiritual constitution, setting yourself free of doctors, worries and fear of disease, actualizing complete healing and experiencing joyous radiant health!
The mind-body (self) is a magnificently designed self-healing organism which, in virtually all cases, will do all of the healing and repair work at hand when supplied with the requisites of health. Our self-healing abilities are awesomely powerful, and always waiting to be fully unleashed. The body's self-healing force is tenacious, striving at every moment to carry out all of the work to fully and quickly heal itself. However, when we are out of touch with our self-healing power and healing is not proceeding, we need to find out what is in the way. Typically, our unhealthfully-conditioned mind with its unhealthful thoughts and habits is the culprit. It is sad to see people suffer for lack of information about the mind-body's inherent ability to self heal. We each have a mind-body which has as its #1 priority to repair and rebalance itself, and every moment it works as hard as it can to accomplish its tasks, but these factors may be impeding it:
ignorance of one's self-healing ability
stress from incorrect beliefs and thoughts
stress from unnatural diet
stress from malnutrition
lack of raw foods in the diet
stress from working too much and too hard
stress from inappropriate exercise
stress from medicines, treatments and therapies
lack of rest and sleep
lack of social support
lack of self-love
The good news is: with the passionate intention to become vibrantly healthy and happy, and the supplying of the prime requisites of health, healing can happen. In fact, healing can be an ecstatic experience, lifting us to a life of freedom, glorious health and self-fulfillment! I know. I did it 22 years ago and learned many great lessons, and I am still on the self-improvement path. Now, it is my pleasure to give back.
Self-healing power comes from one place, from within, and our self-healing powers are most fully expressed when we remove the causes of disease and take a complete rest with plenty of sleep. The source of self-healing intelligence has been nominated as Source, God, Providence, Life Force, Vital Force, The Creator, etc. No matter what we call it, the power is always with us, waiting to do its work to completion. The goal is to learn how to tune our attention inward and follow the wisdom which is always sending us healthful messages.
In order to heal and stay healthy it is imperative to completely understand and embrace the physiological principle that the body is the healer. Physiology (the scientific study of the workings of the body) reveals the nature and purpose of disease, the reasons for illness symptoms and the mind-body's requirements for healing and rejuvenation. Health is the result of healthful habits, and healing requires commitment, diligence and patience. The body can improve itself, bit by bit, every moment; however, healing is not always a fast process. There are no shortcuts to true health, and, as I will attest, the greatest rewards in life can be gained by seeing the complete self-healing process through. Accurate education and the right support system are keys to successful healing.
I firmly believe that success is healing our psychological-emotional-physical wounds and living rightly in a purified body as the free and fearless spirits that we truly are. The absolute best chance we have to heal is by taking the route of allowing the body to do the work on its own terms, without interfering, disempowering modalities, therapies, treatments, unnatural diets.