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The world is moving fast and we say and satisfy ourselves with the mundane world's new "scientific" and "modern thinking" - which is nothing but weaning away from our culture and tradition. Here is why we should not let our guard down. Womenfolk in the Brahmin Household certainly hold the key (not literally and necessarily the cupboard key) but also the key to traditional upbringing of children.After independence, there has been a concentrated effort of the English medium education to take away, degrade and make fun of old customs as "blind faith" to such extent, that our kids find ashamed to portray and feel pride of our culture. This pseudo-education of materialistic values imbibed in school coupled with negative portrayal of Brahmins and their tradition/culture bifurcated the students away from real meaning of our great Culture.

Surprisingly, all the fun made (of customs) are pointed only at the Hindu Culture and we are not united to fight it tooth and nail vide Court cases. Taking Hindu tolerance for granted, films, school education and TV Serials make continued attacks. But we don't need to look far for the answers, which lie within us. However educated and modern and rich a Muslim lady be, when they step out of their house, they come in Burkha (black veil). They feel proud and take is as an identity of their way of life. Whereas in Hindu households, the more a lady is educated and rich, the more they easily embrace western lifestyle, culture and outlook. Adiyen would like to strongly point out at this juncture that Adiyen is NOT AGAINST female education and against the modern day Hindu womenfolk per se, but would urge them to embrace our culture with full conviction, honour and purity and REPRESENT PROUDLY our culture. How many of them wear the "bindi" (atleast the sticker one) when they go out? I am not surprised to find so many Brahmin homes having "KOLAM" sticker outside their main door. Rather than having stuck a Kolam sticker, might as well they need not do anything - because the new age brahmin kids (by and large) have not been taught the reason and values in the right way by their mothers in particular. When parents search for grooms for their daughters, they scan for "US" settled groom, well to do family, etc etc...There are so many Vedic Brahmins, but their daughters are brought up to be a wife of a Green card holder, if not they will settle for "well to do" grooms from India. They do not get the point. A multiple graduate will be at the most "expert" in one field of science, engineering or medical science. But a Vedic Brahmin is exposed to multiple sciences, geophsyics, metaphysics, botany, ayurveda, and many many more subjects are covered in the eternal Vedas, which the people cannot comprehend or realise!!! If they give more importance to educated persons then, (a) a degree holder is a probable expert in any one chosen stream in the mindane "materialistic" education, (b) a Vedic scholar is a "learned" man. There is a difference between "educated" and "learned" man. Let them decide.

More examples to follow : Hari Om!!!!! JAI SRI RAM