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Thread: Reasons to Sustain, Maintain and Continue our great HINDU Tradition - OM NAMO NARAYANA

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    Default Re: Reasons to Sustain, Maintain and Continue our great HINDU Tradition - OM NAMO NARAYANA

    Dear All respected Bhagavathas,

    Dear you, Thanks for Visiting Brahmins Net!
    JaiHind! Feel free to post whatever you think useful, legal or humer! Click here to Invite Friends

    As per the topic of this thread, "reasons to Sustain, Maintain and Continue" our tradition, the following points are to be considered for fruitful outcome.
    a) We need to have a common platform (like this brahminsnet forum, to share the views) and meet the members once a month
    b) We should encourage all of our relatives, brothers/sisters, family members to be a member of this forum, spread about this whenever we have opportunity, viz during marriage functions etc, where we meet lot of our community people
    c) We should encourage Mahaan Swamis like Sri NVS, Sri Sadagopan swami acknowledging their tireless yeoman service to our benefit
    d) Later a trust can be formed with Sri NVS as the incharge and donations can be done for the upkeep and continuity of this kind of beneficial Brahmins' progressive Unit
    e) Brahmin Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers (there are many) can serve our trust by charging a nominal fee and/or nil consultation charges for poor Brahmin brethren for their issues. These professionals can also volunteer to serve our trust and its members (free-consultation and treatment for at least 5 cases per month, which is not asking for more)
    f) The Hindu way of life and customs can be scientifically proved (or) proven - the reason for each doubts about "why we do - what we do" should be discussed with learned and expert Vaideekas so that each observer of our customs feels proud to belong to our culture, unlike blindly following it because his father and forefather performed the customs.
    f) United, we shall stand. If we have CA's (members) to take care of the expense related issues, lawyers to take interest and fight legally for our rights and issues in the courts and public domain, and doctors to serve our brethren, we shall be a force to reckon with.
    g) We do not ask for special treatment, but just treatment and equal rights in society - our silence all these years, has indeed marginalized us terribly and we are to be blamed, because we have not stood up, and more importantly UNITEDLY.

    It is high time, our own ladies stopped noting the worth in the other lady's ornaments (or rather the lack of it)- (whether american diamond or pure diamond earrings) etc etc before deciding to talk or not to strike a conversation - The only uniting bind be that we are all brahmins and need to Unify ourselves before murmuring or crying hoarse about the ill treatment by others.

    At least now, Adiyen expects few responses (agreeing or disagreeing with reasons) to start this culture/drive of Unity among Brahmins (which is sadly missing) so that we all can move forward. At least great souls like NVS swami Sadagopan Swami deserve this much of recognition from all of us for their untiring pursuit to educate us and show us the light.

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