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    Default International Islamic University coming up in Tirupati

    ----- Forwarded Message -----From: rajanganesh seetharaman

    Subject: International Islamic University coming up in Tirupati

    So where are all Hindus? Hindu organizations, Hindu leaders, Hindu bhaktas who go in the tens of thousands everyday thru Lower Tirupathi to Tirumala? Dravidian parties in TN, DMK and AIADMK are demolishing Hindu street temples alone, only Hindu temples and are facilitating more and more new mosques and churches across the state.

    After 1947 we once again have a Mulsim League government in W Bengal. In Andhra after Samuel Reddy we have another minorities appeasing Congress government. How else can one explain this university in the most sacred of all AP's cities.

    An International Islamic Center in Tirupathi will bring in international jihadis to radicalise local Muslims. As if one Owaisi family were not enough.

    But this still does not explain how Hindu organizations slept thru it all - the AP RSS, VHP and the BJP. And AP's Hindu religious gurus, acharyas and sanyasis. Any answers? RR

    International Islamic University coming up in Tirupati - Holy Hindu Kshetra of Bharat
    Please click here to see photos of its massive building construction:

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    Within 1 year (2014), thousands of bearded, skullcapped Islamic students (Talib) will come to "study" at Tirupati from all Islamist-infested countries (including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Arab countries) and will create an "Amarnath Effect" by driving out all the Hindu pilgrims and residents from Tirupati.

    Farewell, Tirupati !!
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