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A nice advice. Even if one cannot chant this maha mantra atleast they can chant Rama Rama that it self will bring him everything he needs in life. The importance of Rama namam has already appeared many a times in this portal itself. I would like bring one or two to the members.

1. After Sage Valmiki has completed Ramayana, Devathas, Asuras and Human were fighting among them selves saying that the Ramayana belongs to them. Finally they approached Lord Siva for a solution. Then Lord Siva had divided the slokas in three equal part and gave to them. One sloka was left. There were 32 letters in that sloka. So Lord Siva gave ten letters to each. They asked about the balance two Letters. Those two letters are RA and MA. Lord Siva said that these two letters are for me as the fees for giving the judgement. After having these two letters Siva has become more stronger.

2. There is a belief in Hindu Dharma that if some one dies in Kasi then he attains Mukthi. The reason for this as elders say is Lord siva does the upadesh of this RAMA namam to the departed soul in Kasi and hence the Mukthi.

So if some one has the habit of chanting RAMA namam then there will be no wants for him either in this world or in the next.

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S. Sankara Narayanan