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Note: I am giving this reply through Forum, because to encourage Astiks to use the forum
for fast communication and the same will be useful for many members.
No need to ask for question, if it found in the forum already.

There is no question of the linking person's (here your father) aliveness
to calculate the theetu.
But, in the book itself found two versions.
They have said, it is 10 days for all in the 7 thalai murai.

Here I am giving the text as given in the book:
*®*®´*®¾*®µ*®¤*¯ *®®*®¾*®¤*®®*¯ *®®*¯*®¤*®²*¯ *®ª*¯**®£*¯ *®ª*®¿*®±*®¨*¯*®¤*®¾*®²*¯ *®ª*®¿*®¤*®¾*®µ*¯*®•*¯*®•*¯*®®*¯ *®¸*®¹*¯‹*®¤*®°*®°*¯*®•*®³*¯*®•*¯*®•*¯*®®*¯, *®ª*®¿*®©*¯*®©*¯‹*®¤*®°*®°*¯*®•*®³*®¾*®©
*®ª*¯*®°*®¾*®¤*®¾*®•*¯*®•*®³*¯*®•*¯*®•*¯*®®*¯, *®ª*®¿*®¤*®¾*®µ*®¿*®©*¯*®Ÿ*¯ˆ*®¯ *®ª*®¿*®©*¯*®©*¯‹*®¤*®°*®°*¯*®•*®³*¯*®®*¯ *®¸*®¹*¯‹*®¤*®°*®°*¯*®•*®³*¯*®®*®¾*®© *®ª*¯*®°*®¾*®¤*®¾*®•*¯*®•*®³*¯*®•*¯*®•*¯*®®*¯
*®…*®µ*®©*¯ *®ª*®¿*®³*¯*®³*¯ˆ*®•*®³*¯*®•*¯*®•*¯*®®*¯, *®ª*®¿*®¤*®¾*®®*®¹*®©*¯*®•*¯*®•*¯*®®*¯, *®…*®µ*®©*¯ *®ª*¯*®°*®¾*®¤*®¾*®µ*¯*®•*¯*®•*¯*®®*¯ *®ª*®¤*¯*®¤*¯*®¨*®¾*®³*¯ *®**®š*¯Œ*®š*®®*¯.

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